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Explore the highlights of Bohdan Sikora’s career

Song and Dance Ensemble of the Carpathian Army District. Soloists: Bohdan Sikora and Yuriy Hnatkivskiy

1980 – Beginnings

Mr. Bohdan Sikora began his singing career while attending the Filaret Kolessa Musical and Pedagogical College, where he placed third in their competition for the best vocal rendition of a contemporary patriotic song and classical work in 1980. From 1981-1985 he set out as a chorus member and later soloist for the Song and Dance Ensemble of the Carpathian Army District. Solo numbers include “If I had a Grey Horse” — Ukrainian folk song, “When Girls Look at us” — music and lyrics by V. Khalavchuk and “Native Land” — music and lyrics M. Mozhoviy.

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1988 – Recognition in the Mykola Lysenko Republican Contest of vocalists

As a third year student of the Lysenko State Conservatory in Lviv he receives recognition from the Mykola Lysenko Republican Contest of Young Opera Singers for the best performance of the obligatory work and works of M. Lysenko (“You’re on the Shore in song” music and lyrics by I. Karabyts, “Ariozo Levka” The Drowned — opera by M. V. Lysenko, “Without you Olesya” Ukrainian folk song, processing by M. V. Lysenko, “Why did the Bright Roses Pale So” Ukrainian romance — music by M. V. Lysenko) in Kyiv in 1988. After a successful performance in the contest, he is invited to intern at the Franko Theater of Opera and Ballet in Lviv, where he takes part in the performance of Requiem by Giuseppe Verdi at the Opera Festival in Krynytsya (Poland).

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Mykola Lysenko Republican Contest of Young Opera Singers Poster

Lviv Opera Studio April 1990 Opera “Kupalo” Poster

1989-91 – Lviv Opera Studio Soloist

After completing his internship he secures his post as Soloist of the Lviv Opera Studio, where he performs the principal role of Kozak Stepan in the premier of the April 1990 Opera “Kupalo” by Anatol Vakhnianyn which is broadcasted locally on television. This same opera is recorded in June 1990 by the Kyiv Radio for the Music Archives of Ukraine. He also performs principle tenor parts in the operas: Anna Snegina by Vladislav Agafonnikov (Sergei Esenin) and La Traviata by Giuseppe Verdi (Alfredo).

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1989-91 – Homin Chorus Soloist

Mr. Bohdan Sikora is invited as a soloist for the Male Chorus Homin (Honored Art Worker of Ukraine O. Tsyhylyk — Conductor), where he performs internationally throughout Poland and the United States and records the album Striletski Pisni (Riflemen’s Songs). Solo numbers: “There Once was a Rifleman” (Lets Drink, Friends) music and lyrics by R. Kupchynskiy, processing by M. Kolessa, “March Ukraine” music by G. Kytastiy, lyrics by I. Bahrianiy.

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Men’s Choir “Homin” Bohdan Sikora is pictured bottom row, to the left of the conductor Oleh Tsyhylyk.

Chamber Choir “Credo” after the Concert with Pope John Paul II at the Villa in Castle Gandolfo (Italy). Bohdan Sikora stands in the top row center.

Photo © Arturo Mari, L’Osservatore Romano

1991-92 – Credo Chamber Choir Soloist

One of the brightest chapters for the singer begins in 1991 he is invited as a Soloist for the Chamber Choir Credo (Lviv Polytechnic Institute, Peoples’ Artist of Ukraine V. Yatsyniak —Conductor), where he performs for Pope John Paul II at the Villa in Castle Gandolfo (Italy). With Credo, he records The Divine Liturgy and Carols for Radio Vatican. The following year they record Ukrainian Folk Songs, for Zurich Radio in Switzerland. Solo numbers: “Oh Musician, I Really Like” (“Kolomyjka“) music by Andriy Hnatyshyn, “Only Begotten Son” music by Oleksandr Koshyts from The Divine Liturgy, “Wonderful News” Ukrainian Carol.

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1991-95 – UKRTHEATR Soloist

From 1991 he becomes a soloist for the organization UKRTHEATR with the Ostap Stakhiv Folk Theater Group. He performs for Ukrainian communities in Russia, Poland and Canada.  Solo numbers: “Pine Tree” Rifleman and Rebel Song, “I Bid You Farwell, Angel” Rifleman and Rebel Song, “Today, I am Leaving you” Rifleman and Rebel Song.

Bohdan Sikora (tenor), Bohdan Kysil (baritone), and Marian Pidvirniy (violin) pose before the UKRTHEATR performance at The Lviv Opera.

1996-Present – Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral of St. Volodymyr Cantor

From October 1996 to the present he holds the position of Cantor for the Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral of St. Volodymyr in New York. Throughout many years he performs at church gatherings for Solo programs for Thanksgiving Day, Christmas, Honoring the great late Poet Taras H. Shevchenko, Mother’s Day and Church Holiday. 

1998-99 – Charitable Work

He was recognized by the Consulate General of Ukraine in New York for his charitable work with the group Ukrainian Family (directed by Honored Art Worker of Ukraine, Oksana Lykhovyd) after participating in a charity concert for people affected by flooding in Transcarpathia, hosted by UCCA New York and UACC New York at the Ukrainian National Home (New York). Solo numbers: “How I Walked from Debrecen” Transcarpathian folk song, “Good for Him the Scythe Mows” Transcarpathian folk song, “Neighbor” Ukrainian folk song (duet, soprano A. Bachynska), “On this side a Mountain” Ukrainian folk song (duet, soprano A. Bachynska) — Concertmaster, Honored Art Worker of Ukraine, Oksana Lykhovyd)

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He performs as Soloist for the Choir Dumka, in memory of the great late Poet Taras H. Shevchenko (solo numbers: “Oy, I Cast a Glance, I Gaze” music by M. Lysenko, words by T. Shevchenko, “Such is her Fate” music by V. Zaremba, words by T. Shevchenko, “Oh Grove, Grove” music by D. Sichynskiy, words by T. Shevchenko — concertmaster, E. Paley), and participates in the memorial service for the man-made famine of 1932-1933 in St. Patrick’s Cathedral on Fifth Avenue.

He performed a solo concert on behalf of the company Western Union with accompanist, Honored Art Worker of Ukraine, Oksana Lykhovyd.

He performs various concerts for the Ukrainian National Women’s league of America in New York, Hempstead (LI) and Soyuzivka (Ellenville, NY). Solo concert with A. Bachynska (soprano) — Concertmaster O. Lykhovyd, Honored Art Wrorker of Ukraine.

With great pleasure, he performs for the Self-reliance Association for the benefit off the Ukrainian senior citizens of New York City. Solo concert commemorating the 185th anniversary of the birth of Taras H. Shevchenko and Thanksgiving Day solo concert — concertmaster, Honored Art Worker of Ukraine, Oksana Lykhovyd.

He published and presented the opera-book “Kupalo” by A. Vakhnianyn to his native Lviv Opera Studio in 2016.

2000 – Ukrainian Festivals

He performs solos at the St. George Ukrainan Festval in the East Village, the Church of Fair Christ Festival in Astoria, the All Saints Church in the East Village, the Church of St. Volodymyr in Hempstead, and the Church of St. Peter and Paul in Jersey City (New Jersey), etc. Solo numbers: “Let’s Pour Brothers” lyrics by V. Kryshchenko, music by V. Lisovol, “I Once had a cute girl” lyrics and music by R. Kupchynskiy. And also Verkhovyna Festival in Glen Spey (New York) and Soyuzivka Festival in Ellenville (New York). Solo numbers: “Ukraine” lyrics and music by M. Mozhoviy, “The Cossak Went Secretly” Ukrainian folk song (duet, soprano A. Bachynska), “Oy, from the Mountains, from the Mountains” Ukrainian folk song, “Cossak, Cossak” Ukrainian folk song (duet, A. Bachynska, concertmaster — Honored Art Worker of Ukraine O. Lykhovyd). He annually performs concerts for Ukraine’s Independence Day in New York City, Glen Spey, Uniondale, Hempstead and South Bound Brook (New Jersey). Solo numbers: “Cherish a Song about Ukraine” lyrics by L. Dmytryshyn-Chasto, music by O. Lykhovyd, “Blow Wind on the Land” lyrics by S. Rudanskiy, Ukrainian folk song, “Moonlit Night” lyrics by M. Starytskiy, music by A. Varlamov. “Night Outside” Ukrainian folk song, concertmaster — Honored Art Worker of Ukraine O. Lykhovyd. 

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25th Ukrainian Festival at Verkhovyna. The finale, artists perform the song “Ukraine” (lyrics and music by Perople’s Artist of Ukraine T. Petrynenko). Pictured left to right: Honored Art Worker of Ukraine Oksana Lykhovyd, People’s Artist of Ukraine Taras Petrynenko, the Oros Sisters Duet, Honored Artist of Ukraine Tetiana Horobets and Lviv Opera Studio soloist Bohdan Sikora, flanked by Syzokryli Ukrainian Dance Ensemble.

2004 – Bronx Opera Soloist

In addition to these performances held for the Ukrainian Community, he was invited to perform at the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Church in the Diaspora. Among those attending was Karekin II, Catholicos of All Armenians, the supreme head of the Armenian Apostolic Church. Concert performance of G.F Handel “Messiah”.

In 2004, he settled in New York City and became a soloist at the Bronx Opera, appearing in various Operas by Verdi, Puccini, Bizet, Mozart, Minotti, and others. G. Puccini’s “La Boheme” was recorded in May 2005 for Bronx Net Television.

He has performed in Poland, Russia, Slovakia, Austria, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Canada, The United States.

Bohdan Sikora poses with Founder, Artistic Director, and Conductor of The Bronx Opera, Michael Spierman.