Bohdan Sikora performed as a soloist from 1989 to 1991



N. Babynetz, Honored Culture Worker of Ukraine, Professor in M. V. Lysenko Lviv National Musical Academy, Concertmaster Homin Chorus.

Created in 1988 by the Regional Division of the Musical Association. The chorus — laureate of S. Lyudkevych Competion (Lviv, 1988), M. Leontovych National Competition Kyiv, 1989), D. Sichynskiy Competition (Ivano-Frankivsk, 1991) Khortytsya Competition (Zaporizhzhia, 1991) “Prosvita” Competition (Lviv, 1988), participant of international festivals of spiritual and secular music in Spain (1991, 1992), Poland (1993, 2004, 2005, 2007), Slovakia (1992, 1993, 1997, 2006), Italia (1996) and Ukraine (1997, 1999). During the years they were active Homin carried out many concert tours in Ukraine and abroad (USA, 1990; Spain, France, German, Czech Republic; England alongside Manchester’s  Homin Chorus, 1995; Serbia 1996). A big concert tour of Ukraine was carried out in 1995 by the brother chorus Homin. For the 400 year anniversary of the Church Union of Berestia, Homin participated in the ceremony in Rome, and also in the Divine Liturgy honoring Pope John Paul II’s arrival in Ukraine. 

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Homin Choir from Ukraine ends first tour of United States

Jersey City, NJ

Ukrainian Weekly Newspaper, Sunday December 16, 1990

On November 19, the Homin Men’s Choir from Lviv, with the Svitlytsia Trio from Kyiv and the Smerichka Ensemble from Chernivtsi, performed its farewell concert at the Ukrainian Cultural Center in South Bound Brook, N.J.

The choir, which opened its U.S. concert tour on October 31 in Washington, was brought to the United States by the Ukrainian National Association in cooperation with the Dumka Chorus of New York.

Ulana Diachuk, supreme president of the UNA, greeted the performers with flowers and thanked them for their heartfelt performance. She asked that, upon their return to Ukraine, they reassure their countrymen that Ukrainians in America believe that, in the words of Ivan Franko, Ukraine will one day join the family of nations.

The Homin Men’s Choir, with the Svitlytsia Trio and the Smerichka Ensemble, performed in Washington, Philadelphia, New York, Yonkers, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Detroit, Chicago, Rochester, Buffalo, Syracuse, Soyuzivka, Hartford, Newark and South Bound Brook.

On November 4, the UNA hosted a luncheon for the performers at the Home Office following, a tour of New York landmarks organized by the UNA and the Dumka Chorus. Walter Sochan Supreme Secretary of the UNA, welcomed the visitors and assured them the UNA has been and always will be committed to the well-being of the Ukrainian nation.

On November 17, after the choir performed at Burnet: Junior High School in Union, N.J., the UNA, the Dumka Chorus and Scope Travel, Inc., which organized the groups itinerary, hosted a farewell dance for the performers at St. John’s Ukrainian Catholic School Gymnasium in Newark. The Tempo orchestra and Smerichka provided music for dancing. After the success of their premier U.S. tour, the Homin Men’s Choir returned to Ukraine on November 20. The Svitlytsia Trio. and the Smerichka Ensemble left the U.S. on November 22.

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UNA to sponsor U.S. tour of Homin choir from Lviv

Jersey City, NJ

Ukrainian Weekly Newspaper, Sunday October 14, 1990.

The Homin Men’s Choir from Lviv will arrive in the United States at the end of this month for its first concert tour of this country.

Its first concert will take place in Washington on Wednesday, October 31, and its last concert will be on November 19 in South Bound Brook, N.J. In between, the tour will take the chorus to Philadelphia, New York, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Detroit, Chicago, Buffalo, Rochester and Syracuse, N.Y., Hartford, Conn., and Newark, N.J.

Along with Homin, which is directed by Oleh Tsyhylyk, the tour will include the Svitlytsia Trio from Kiev and the Smerichka Ensemble from Chernivtsi. All three will appear in concerts dubbed as “Evenings of Ukrainian Music” that will include folk and classical selections, as well as choral and solo performances.

The tour is sponsored by the Ukrainian National Association in cooperation with the Dumka Chorus of New York, which is touring Ukraine this month. Technical-administrative matters are being handled by Scope Travel Inc., 1605 Springfield Ave., Maplewood, N.J. 07040; (201) 378-8998, or (800) 242-7267.

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