Chamber Choir

Bohdan Sikora performed as a soloist from 1991-1992


Glory to Jesus Christ!

Pope John Paul II

August 28, 1991

I cordially greet the youth choir of the Lviv Polytechnic University.

You have come to the eternal city, to strengthen your faith in Christ at the tombs of the apostles and declare fidelity and gratitude in Peter’s successor for his constant guardianship over the suffering Church of Ukraine which now rejoices in spiritual rebirth.

You wanted to sing the Divine Liturgy on the Vatican Radio waves, which you have always listened to and prayed together.

Therefore, utilize your youth to increase your knowledge and strengthen in the Christian faith.

With this intention I give you, your relatives and friends, and your Homeland an Apostolic Blessing.

(Greeting from the Holy Father read in Ukrainian at a meeting with the nations of the word — Translation)