Explore the notes of his life, and let the melodies resonate within your soul.


  • Musicologist,
  • Composer,
  • Poet,
  • Member of the National Union of Ukrainian Composers,
  • Honored Art Worker of Ukraine.

Excellent vocal makings — timbre rich lyrical tenor, clear and expressive intonation, wide range repertoire — immediately evoked appreciation and recognition among audiences. Bohdan Sikora became a constant participant of countless Ukrainian Festivals in New York State and beyond. Aside from his solo performances, he often performed duets with famous singer Anna Bachynska (soprano), and also in programs curated by myself for the folk ensemble “Ukrainian Family”. This faith and dedication to the Ukrainian folk song, romance, Ukrainian operatic arias, native culture, became the primary driving force behind the development of his artistic talent.

Listen to works performed by Bohdan Sikora

Soyuzivka 1998 “Ukrainian Family” Performs

Duet featuring Bohdan Sikora (left), Anna Bachynska (right). Video source: YouTube, Roman Gelevan.